The Cost of Getting Your Tubes Untied

A couple of years have passed but that was all that it took for great changes in the medical field to take place. It was not long ago when the effect of tubal ligation was permanent. If you have undergone such a procedure then there was no way that you could ever give birth again.All you could do was to feel sorry for yourself if you had your tubes tied and you want to give birth again. A lot has changed since then. On your journey to a new baby, you might want to buy fertility monitors from Amazon.

Medical advances have made things that were impossible a generation or even a decade ago easy things to do now. Reversing the effects of tubal ligation belongs to this category. Doctors can now untie tubes without any difficulty. A woman who had her tubes tied can dream again of conceiving and giving birth. That’s what modern science can do.

The only question now is, how much does it cost to get your tubes untied? The cost of the procedure would have to depend on a lot of factors. Doctors fees, medicines , the checking of your records, post operational costs would all play a factor and contribute to raising up the final price of getting your tubes untied. You do not have to worry about that because things will change very soon.

But from the research I have done, the answer to how much does it cost to untie your tubes varies like with most things from doctor to doctor and clinic to clinic, but a ballpark would be anywhere form $5k to $10k, and sadly, most health insurance providers will not pay for getting your tubes untied because the procedure is considered elective rather than necessary. So the cost of getting tubes untied is not cheap, but something that you can save towards. After all, kids aren’t cheap so think of this as the start of a long line of financial obligations as far as kids are concerned :)

The prohibitive cost of reverse tubal ligation will go down as more and more clinics starts offering the procedure thereby bringing the price down. With these clinics focusing on one type of procedure not only will there be more specialists who are well trained and experienced  to help people but there will be a lot of savings for patients as well. For those who can not wait for that time to come they can get in touch with their doctors right now and find out about this new procedure and what it would take for them to try it.

Getting your tubes untied is a relatively easy procedure now, with minimal risks, but you should still consult with your doctor to understand the risks involved when you get your tubes untied. I hope that answers your question “can you have your tubes untied?”, but it should be considered seriously just as you would any other method of trying to have kids, whether adoption, fertility treatments and the like.

Some women have asked me how much does it cost to get your tubes tied. The cost for tubal ligation is similar to the cost of getting a tubal reversal. As indicated above, around $5k to $10k. You can get it as inexpensively as around $2k if you are willing to go to Central America of getting your tubes tied or even untied. This is definitely worth considering as many Central American doctors have had US training, but of course you need to do even more due diligence in that case.

Another option instead of getting your tubes tied is getting tubal implants. Tubal implants don’t require surgery as they are inserted vaginally, and they cost only around $1,500 and have a similar success rate. Tubal ligation is often called Essure which is the brand name for the actual implants that are implanted into the fallopian tubes to cause them to develop scar tissue over a few months which closes the tubes.

whether you want to have your tubes tied or you want to reverse tubal ligation, you should always consider carefully the pros and cons of any surgery and the long term consequences of such surgery.